Patio Construction

Once we agree to the scope of work, we will send out our AffordablePatio.com team to begin the project at your home. Most projects can be completed in a few weeks depending on additions and scope of work.

The Time is now!

The crew has shown up and started to break ground. This is a very exciting part of the project because in a few days you will be relaxing on your new patio or outdoor living space and creating your family’s best memories.

The day we start your project

The team will start the day between 7:45am to 8:15 am everyday and clean up your property and leave at 4:00pm to 4:30 pm. We will always have managers on site through the whole process ensuring the crew leads and homeowners are on the same page. There will be some damage to your grass during the project and we will try to contain our working area to eliminate damage to your grass.
Backyard Grasss Backyard Pavers


We install all of our applications to manufacturer specifications to ensure all warranties are available. Through the process if you have any questions feel free to ask the office or managers so they can answer your question quickly and with the right information. We do not recommend that you need to be home during the process because we understand work is very important. If you would like we can send you videos during the day, showing you what we are up to because we understand how excited you are.

Eyes on the project

Our crews are using the most common technology at your home so they are updating the team with photos and videos throughout the day. Each crew sets up an Arlo camera so the office and managers have an eye on the project throughout the day to ensure the craftsmanship and quality is great.
If your payments are broken down to more than 2 payments the office will be in contact with you during the project and will inform you when the middle payments are due.

Ready for Pricing?

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