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How it works?

Please provide us with your name, address, and the amount of mulch you need. We'll handle the rest and ensure a hassle-free experience for you.
We like to keep things straightforward. For only $299 plus tax, we'll deliver and install 4 yards of black mulch. No surprises, just a good deal.
On installation day, our team will look around your yard to make sure we're putting down the right amount of mulch. If we need to add more, we'll tell you how much it'll cost.
Once everything's set, we'll add you to our schedule and send you a text reminder a day or two before we come over. Our crew will do a great job putting down your new mulch.
In just 7-10 days, depending on the weather, you'll see the difference. Your yard will look better than ever with fresh black mulch.

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Frequently asked questions

We do not give out specific installation dates. We will add you to our board and reach out when we are close to installation. We cycle through towns, so we leave a 1-2 week time frame.
You will be notified of your installation date one day before the install. Our office will reach out one to two days prior via text message.
If you need less than 4 yards of mulch, it is $90 per yard.
Yes, there may be an additional charge for steps in areas where mulch needs to be installed, as it may take longer.
We accept credit cards for payment, but they will include a fee.
We do not offer services for weeding, edging, or cleaning of the beds. This needs to be done prior to our installation.
We do not provide estimates on-site. We can book you for a certain amount of yards and adjust it when on-site.
We offer Preen for weed prevention at an additional cost of $5 per yard, but it does not guarantee weed prevention.
The price is for black mulch only.
No, we only install black mulch.
Our minimum order is 4 yards for the special. If it's less than 4 yards, there's an additional charge per yard.
Mulch smells like wood chips, and the scent will dissipate within the next 7 days or during the next rain cycle.
Yes, the mulch is triple shredded for optimal coverage and appearance.
We source our mulch from GTS Holbrook, ensuring quality and consistency.

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